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Lean and Agile at the Enterprise

It's fairly routine to get a team of motivated staff working in a single discipline to operate in a lean and agile way.
How does that translate into effectiveness at the enterprise or where systems engineering is a significant part of what the organization does?

An array of teams being lean and/or agile does not make the enterprise either of these.
Neither does having multiple but separate agile teams mean easy scaling to deal with the system these separate teams are working to knit together.

Our passion is to build high performance organizations out of companies motivated to be lean, agile, and achieve world-class results.

*You* see to it that your top and bottom lines are lined-up. *We* get your operations in-between to connect them.

Scores of consulting firms can help a team or small project become lean and agile, Entinex takes it to the next level-- We help enterprises become lean and agile.

Our best clients are companies who have the courage, leadership, insight, foresight and discipline to be »the best places to work, »the best value to their customers and »the best performing for their shareholders.

Request our Barriers to Effective Enterprise one-sheet talking points paper.  Any one point can derail and undo all prior lean or agile efforts.

Whether you're »working to stem the loss of personnel, customers, or profit, »traditional or agile, or, »aspiring towards nothing shy of *greatness*; our approach is what you've been looking for, to:

  • Transform the culture towards continuously improving the work it does.
  • Get from estimates to actuals predictably, profitably, consistently.
  • Create a learning workforce capable of rapidly adjusting to the market.
  • Deliver services and adapt to the changing needs of customers.
  • Align the inner workings of your organization to support the outer persona you aspire to have.
  • Be relentless in your pursuit of being a world-class, inspirational organization.

High Performance Operations that dynamically scale and adapt do not happen by accident and can't be bought in a shrink-wrapped box.  It requires specific practices that are the result of instituting explicit values and principles in an infrastructure conducive to achieving such levels of performance.

If you're in business to be great, wouldn't you like to take advantage of our experience with what it takes to achieve high performance? Contact Us.

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