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Aligning Operations

Delivering on Expectations

This is an example of an actual engagement scenario.

You need to align and harmonize your ability to deliver your products and services consistent with your business goals.

In other words, you must be able to get materials for, make, sell, deliver, and provide customer service to the volume of business consistent with your company's brand, image, marketing and communications.  Your operations must match or exceed levels of product and service quality irrespective of location, season, or market conditions.  Furthermore, your operations must do all this profitably while giving you insight into what's going on and the ability to respond quickly to changes.


You face a number of challenges regarding its operations:

  • Multiple sites.
  • Multiple cultural localizations.
  • Mix of retail, manufacturing-to-distributor and manufacturing-to-consumer sales channels.
  • Distant manufacturing.
  • Shifting market expectations.
  • Price pressure.
  • Service pressure.
  • Increasing shipping costs.
  • Supply chain/inventory.

Your job is to address the attraction, capture, and conversion of new customers and repeat customers.  This addresses your "top line".  Your pricing strategy addresses your "bottom line".  It would be a big risk if your operations are not be able to "deliver" on the successes of your "top line" strategy.  Furthermore, your current operations are not consistent – both customer-facing and non-customer facing.  This poses additional challenges in the form of:

  • Inefficiencies/Lack of economies of scale.
  • Increased chances of error.
  • Lower margins.
  • Increased effort to manage.
  • Increased requirements for real-time communication on day-to-day activities.
  • Increased cost and time for dealing with current orders.
  • Fewer opportunities and less time for real-time communication on forward-thinking and strategizing.
  • Fewer opportunities and less time for growing new markets.
  • Less predictability of stock/inventory and demand.
  • Therefore, the challenge to you is to align, harmonize and connect the top line to the bottom line through the "middle lines".  The "middle lines" are your operations.

    That's where Entinex comes in.


    What we will not do:
    Look at the pricing, style, selection or decisions about your product or services.

    What we will do:

    • Analyze the components of your global operations.  In this analysis, we will look at your entire supply chain and how you plan for, produce, store, ship and deliver your products.  We will also look at each of your distribution channels, how you process orders, provide service, deal with special situations and how well-prepared you are for surge and slack.  We will make recommendations to you about potential issues we see and how to address them.
    • Establish a global operations strategy.  This would be a facilitated workshop where the executives from each of the operations "centers" work together to create a unified approach to getting product to the consumer.  A "unified approach" doesn't imply that everything is done the same way -- we don't know how things will be done yet, the exact tactics of how products reach consumers is still to be determined -- what this does imply, however, is that everything work well together and that it not be an organic, ad hoc, composite of distinct approaches based on location, and other influences.
    • Identify, refine, or create work flows to help you manage operations.
    • Identify and recommend measures to aide with decision-making.
    • Identify and recommend processes, tools and procedures for operations.
    • Identify and recommend performance goals and objectives based on business goals and objectives and information needs.
    • Identify and recommend changes to lean, streamline and continuously improve operations.

    How will do it:

    • Working directly with your executives.
    • Talking with your executives directly.
    • Talking with "field" people directly.
    • Asking a lot of questions.
    • Giving you advice directly.
    • Facilitating meetings and workshops with decision-makers and stakeholders.
    • Running analyses, creating and running models, and involving appropriate stakeholders in assessing results.
    • This may require site visits to some operations if the ability to communicate via web and teleconference prove ineffective.


    • Recommendations for:
      • Operations Strategy
      • IT systems
      • Ordering/Fulfillment
      • Work flow
      • Operational philosophy (e.g., batches, just-in-time, custom, traditional, etc.)
      • Organizational structure(s)
      • Metrics, Measures, and Quantitative data
      • Processes, Procedures, Tools
      • Allocation of resources/responsibilities
    • Implementation support

      We will not expect (or plan) to carry out the implementation.  However, we will provide regular support for implementation, and can also be counted on to provide oversight support for implementation.

      Using Technology

      This is a broadly applicable situation we work with.

      As a company that uses technology extensively to run your business, has technology as the core of your business, or provides services that rely on technology, technology process methodologies are the activities that you conduct that translate the role of technology into how technology work gets done.

      So whether you are developing software or hardware, whether you are an application service provider or a data storage provider, whether you run your services organization that is technology-centric or even traditional services, there are process consideration that are right for how you need to to business.

      How well you account for these consideratiosn is what this service is all about.  Entinex has the experience to supply you with business processes and technology management methods that allow your business operations to fully support your technology development and service needs.

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