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Our Approach to Engagements Revolutionizes Consulting

Entinex consulting engagements remove barriers preventing clients from engaging consultants.  Our engagement approach eliminates the perception of the "open-ended" consulting engagement.  And, we replace that perception with the reality of specific services for a predictable budget.

Our simplified engagement agreements and provide clients with comprehensive high-impact services early in the engagement without incurring high expenses.  They allow clients to better budget their time and money and make progress at the pace they set while avoiding the typical risks associated with time and materials engagements.

Our engagements are clear, concise, and OFF the clock.

We give you seven reasons to choose Entinex:

  1. Cost: We save you time and money by delivering results fast.
  2. Integrity: We work for you.  Period.  When we make a recommendation, it's because it's right for you, not because we benefit from it.
  3. Trust: We know it's your business.  If we don't help you take care of it, who will?
  4. Experience: We've been on both sides of the table.  How else could we know what it's like to be in your shoes?
  5. Authenticity: What we do must start with what you do and what you need to get done.  To do otherwise would be wrong.
  6. Low-Risk: You don't owe us respect.  We must prove ourselves to you.  Therefore, you are never locked into a long term engagement from the start.  We assess progress throughout our relationship.  Why prolong an unwanted situation?
  7. Value: We don't just do things for you, we show you how to do them.  We don't just tell you what to do, we teach you why it works.  Long before we're done, you'll start to see your performance improve and your operation excel.  When we leave, you'll continue the positive velocity.

Entinex creates powerful results for high performance operations.SM

And that begins with practicing what we preach.

Lean, value-based, results-driven engagements that are an experience of excellence.

Talk to us about how to tailor an engagement to you.

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