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Struggling with meeting the expectations of CMMI or ISO or ... , and still being Lean/Agile?

Have you been wishing there was a way to do so and still be Agile -- responsive to change, delivering high value quickly?

We have just the approach.... and it's PROVEN

Entinex and its process improvement and Agile partners have a proven track record of helping companies implement process discipline:

  • Quickly -- Small companies can be up and running in months.
  • Affordably -- Being quick is only one way to save money -- charging nearly half the industry average is the other.  Also, our assessments, appraisals and gap analyses take days where others tell you it will take weeks.
  • Seamlessly -- We integrate the steps and actions that promote process compliance into how you do business and what works for you.  We don't impose a new process on your people or try to bolt another layer of overhead onto your existing development methods.  If your company has effective processes, our implementation approach works *with* your processes so that they're not in the way of productivity.

Entinex has the Capability and Maturity to make it work.

Entinex has over 22 years of process improvement experience in government and private settings, domestically and internationally.  Focusing on CMMI for since 1997, Entinex builds on a foundation of implementing TQM, ISO 9000, MIL-Q-9858A, DoD-STD-2167A, and DoD-STD-2168 across industries including aviation, finance, defense, Internet and wireless technologies, securities, human resources, international trade, and heavy and light manufacturing.  Entinex uses a strong engineering approach infused with the practical business of technology management resulting in software management processes and process improvement that are tuned to each particular business' expectations without over-burdening development activities with unnecessary and inefficient "process overhead."

Agile CMMIThis unique business-focused approach to CMMI implementation has brought Entinex to the forefront of blending streamlined, Agile development methods with process discipline and complete compliance to CMMI's rigid assessment/appraisal requirements.  By working closely with leaders of large and small software development companies, Entinex successfully trains, develops, implements, and assesses companies in government and commercial markets to full CMMI compliance, or to only those components of the CMMI structure that make sense towards improving a business' profitability.

Software Development Process Improvement -- The Agile Way

In response to the host of misconceptions, fits and starts, and other bad experiences faced by many companies with respect to effectively managing their software development, Entinex has developed a proven, simple, and effective way of applying cost-effective, productive discipline to even the smallest development shop -- even web site developers!

We believe that the problem of marrying "Agile" methods and the likes of CMMI has more to do with lazy process consultants than under-eager Agile developers!  We believe that Agile is disciplined and that companies who don't embrace Agile development are going to limit their market penetration, market expansion, competitiveness, and value-proposition and therefore their ability to survive let alone grow.  We also believe in a statement we learned long ago from a mentor: "Reality trumps authority every time.". 

Therefore, we've created a pattern that all companies (Agile or otherwise) can follow that will result in an approach to process discipline (such as CMMI) while still retaining the Agility to succeed.

Read our AgileCMMI Blog before you do anything with CMMI and the like!

Don't Call Us If...

... all you want is a rating the easy way.  Ratings and certifications come as by-products of our work with you, not the end goal of our work.  And, ratings and certifications shouldn't be your end goals either.  If you're interested in banners and plaques over business results, you've come to the wrong place..

Operational Excellence takes work.  Like a fitness coach: we can't diet and run on the treadmill for you.  We can tailor a fitness plan just for you and show you how to get the most out of your routine, but there is very likely work ahead only you can perform.  It's work that will save you time, money, and frustration.  It's work that will give you long-lasting benefits.

Focusing on ratings and audits is the wrong thing to focus on!  It's short-sighted, detrimental to the organization, deleterious to morale and will NOT yield any benefits (except, perhaps, by accident -- which will fade quickly and not be repeated).  Focusing on ratings and audits is toxic to your company.  You'd better have your eye on excellence and not ratings or you will fail to see any benefits.

We are the world's recognized authority on doing just that and we can show you how.

Do call us if what you want is powerful results for high performance.

A Few Words About ISO 9000 and QA and the like.

This is not testing!  This is ensuring that your company's processes are WORKING, that they are doing the right things, the right way, and when they fail to perform as expected you have a way to correct, adjust, or escalate the matter until it is resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

This is the heart of all QA management standards.  The challenges come along the path to implement an effective QA management system.  The nature of the path is not to be underestimated.  Whether it's one of the ISO 9000 flavors, Malcolm Baldridge, or even industry-specific standards such as ISO/IEEE 12207, FDA, Sarbanes Oxley, FAA, AS 9000, or whatever... avoiding pitfalls, steering away from dead ends, clearing traps and getting VALUE from what you're doing is why your company should call Entinex to help you implement your QA system and pass your certification assessment and audits without the stress and ceremony.

We don't do "check-in-the-box" QA systems.  If you want a QA system to sit on top of your production process and not add value to your product, don't call us.  If you want a QA system that polices your people and gets in the way of productivity, don't call us.  If you want a QA system that's just something your client requires and not a serious, integrated part of your competitive advantage, don't call us.

If you want effective quality methods that seamlessly flow with the work you do, Entinex will help you design and implement a quality assurance method that's tuned to how you do business.

See how to engage Entinex.  Our approach is designed to help you achieve development success using a straight-forward, low-risk and simple engagement model that you won't get anywhere else.  We've created a service package that includes everything you need for successfully achieving your target CMMI rating.

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