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Introduction to CMMI

Entinex is licensed to Deliver the SEI's Introduction to CMMI for DEV and SVC, and the SVC and ACQ Supplements

Introduction to CMMI for Development or for Services

If your organization is looking to send more than 6 people to receive Introduction to CMMI instruction (either for Development or Services), then bringing Entinex in-house (or to another location) will save you time and money -- and that doesn't even account for the travel expenses to send employees to receive the training!

More importantly, perhaps, is our approach.  Because we can work more intimately with clients during instruction, we can also tailor our instruction to show how your company would implement the practices, not just recant what the practices are from the licensed materials.

If your organization already has working practices in place, consider spending a reasonable and modest amount of time before the course with us so we can incorporate how you work into the CMMI materials.  When the CMMI is explained relative to how your company operates, it is much more concrete and accessible and far less abstract.

Our fee for Introduction to CMMI is $15000 for the first TEN (10) participants.  After the first 10, each additional participant is an additional $500. 

NOTES: All pricing are in US Dollars; Pricing is for US-based training; Courses delivered Outside of the US may incur higher course fees (due to licensing requirements out of our control) in addition to travel expenses; Consulting in advance for tailoring of the course to your organization's materials may incur additional costs.
ALSO NOTE: Travel expenses outside of our instructors' immediate commuting areas are also additional and billed at actual costs.

Each participant receives:

  • A copy of the most current CMMI for Services: Guidelines for Superior Service, or
  • A copy of the most current CMMI for Development: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement, (as appropriate)
  • a CMMI® wall poster (for either DEV or SVC, as appropriate)
  • SWAG, and
  • a certificate of completion (upon full participation).

Participants can also request "Continuing Education Units" upon completion.

The SEI requires that participants attend all of the course sessions to receive either the Certificate of Completion or the Continuing Education Units.  Limited absenses (such as for personal, a-hem, needs) are excusable, but missing entire modules could result in a participant's not receiving a certificate of completion.

CMMI for Services, for Development and for Acquisition Supplements

Organizations or individuals interested in more than one CMMI constellation do not need to take separate 3-day courses.  SEI has created a supplement for each of the three constellations.  Supplements can be combined with either of the 3-day courses.  So, for example, if you're interested in both CMMI for Services and CMMI for Development, you can take a single 3-day Introduction to CMMI course for the constellation of your choice, say, CMMI for Services, and combine it with one or both supplements for the other constellations, either the DEV supplement and/or the ACQ supplement.  Each supplement takes from half a day to a full day.
Without a current or prior Introduction to CMMI 3-day course (it doesn't have to be from us), credit for a supplement cannot be given..

Pricing is $3500 for the course + $150 per participant for any of the supplemental courses.  There is a 24-person limit to the number of people in any of our courses.

Please get in touch to discuss your learning needs and for special pricing and timing of combined courses.

PLEASE NOTE: Successful completion of Introduction to CMMI is a prerequisite for participating on a SCAMPI.
Participation on a SCAMPI for Services or Acquisition requires the appropriate full course and/or supplemental course.

Let us know if you'd like to talk to us about bringing Introduction to CMMI to your organization.

Please be advised, Entinex does not maintain a dedicated training venue.  Clients requiring instruction outside of their own location are responsible for securing appropriate training facilities, or, Entinex can do so for additional costs.

CMMI, and SCAMPI are registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Carnegie Mellon University.

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