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Lean, Value, and Operations

One of the most powerful tools in achieving a high performance operation is in the philosophy of Lean operations.  Lean operations focus on value and to see the value organizations must take a "systems" view of everything they do.  Taking such a view is profoundly challenging when faced with the day-to-day needs of the organization.

That's where the value of an Entinex consulting relationship really pays off.  We can take the systems view and help you understand what you need to know to move towards value-based, lean operations.  We can work with you to establish an organizational culture that will achieve and sustain high performance results.  We can help you implement management tools and the structures necessary to facilitate insight into your value stream and to align your operations with it.

Furthermore, a systems view is really an engineering aptitude and challenging to see completely.  If taking a systems view is what's needed, and you lack either the time or the objective perspective, we can help.

Below, are two examples of tools we help clients incorporate.

Process Management

A familiar term for this could be "Business Process Re-Engineering" (BPR).  This service is about optimizing how your company goes about its business.  We look into how you develop, produce, deliver, service, and ensure the quality and timeliness of your work, and whether these are meeting the goals and needs of your business.  A popular business-goal oriented technique is called "Balanced Scorecard" (BSC).  BSC is not a cure-all, and it's not for everyone, but it's catchy and effective for companies who like to always have their finger on the pulse of their business.  The catch being learning to find and understand the pulse.

Very often, there's much activity that goes on in a company that's not part of developing the technology, delivering the services, or supporting the operation.  Entinex finds and eliminates this unnecessary expense by tying together all the roles, responsibilities, and technologies and finding the loose ends.  Then we reconnect the loose ends so that they support the operation of the business.


Related to the above are Metrics.  Metrics are the only way to know that projects and operations are on track.  The trick is figuring out how to gather metrics without disrupting the project or operations, and that's after you've figured out what metrics are meaningful to you.  Metrics aren't simply data, they're information.  Metrics must indicate the actions to take, not the calculations to make.  "Instrumenting" your business for metrics following Entinex's proprietary methodology will ensure that your metrics are meaningful, relevant, and timely.

Call Entinex for a free consultation to determine how we can go about helping your business become more efficient and profitable.

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