Entinex helps technology companies Improve Estimation Accuracy.

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If you could keep your projects on track you would. 

The problem you're facing is that it's difficult to keep your clients from running away with the projects.

So either your projects aren't done on time, or they don't include every feature your client wants, or... more likely... you suck it up... eat it... lose money.

Don't let that every happen again!

Entinex will help you eliminate that accursed Achilles Heel of development and services called "estimation" by implementing simple management methods that will help you get a handle on everything from web site construction to complex application development, or running a help desk to performing maintenance.

Ever feel like someone's pulling your strings?  Or you're all boxed in?  Or BOTH?We even give you ways of dealing with clients who don't know what they want, requirements with many unknowns and risk, and even how to recover from situations you never saw coming!

Our proven, effective, practical techniques were born from our own frustration at these same problems.  The best part is that they don't get in the way of your productivity, they enhance it!  Know with certainty that your actual cost and schedule will come in on target. 

You can improve customer service by being able to:

  • Be more responsive to their requests,
  • Handle changes more effectively,
  • Give better estimates of completion times, and
  • Help them understand where you are on their projects or orders ...

...by giving you and your clients better insight into the actual project progress and the impact of changes, and better connecting your customer service approach to your development process.

Imagine: yourself, a set of railroad tracks, and a moving train. 

Are you at a station where you can casually be on board?
Are you at the controls where you can determine speed and stops?
Or is the train pulling away from you with you trying to figure out how to get on board?
Or worse, are you lying helpless on the tracks with the train steaming towards you?

Call Entinex for a free consultation on how we can help you sort things out.

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