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Respond | Adapt | Innovate | Perform | Deliver
You Can't Control Time. But You Can Control Speed.™

Facing more demand than you can handle?

Need more scale flexibility?

Tired of getting arm-twisted by the economy?

Does predictable financial performance  sound nice?

Doing what "everyone else does" will put you in the same competitive position as "everyone else".

You need Extraordinary approaches for Extraordinary results.

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Who We Are

We are about you.

Today's companies need mentors and coaches who think as far outside the box as they do.  They need guidance from fellow entrepreneurs, innovators and tech geeks like themselves.

They need help from people who can relate to themselves.
Who've been there before and come out brilliantly. 
Today's companies need people who can start solving problems immediately.
When an executive asks, "how do I deliver on time?" or "how do I scale?" or "how do I match capacity to demand?"
They need a firm who can answer: 

With Entinex is how.

Old school management thinking does not move today's companies forward.  We are not "your father's" management consulting firm.


5520 Research Park Drive, Ste 100
Catonsville, MD 21228


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