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Our Services

We focus on Operations. Only.
By staying in our lane we've become unmatched experts. 

Being students of operations since 1988, we bring an arsenal of knowledge applied with the wisdom of experience to solve even the most thorny issues.

Entinex applies concepts not taught in most business schools.
(If these concepts were taught, perhaps fewer companies would experience the same operational problems?)

Entinex works with companies to balance capacity and demand so they can scale to:

  • Respond faster to customers

  • Adapt easily to changing market forces

  • Innovate in the face of competition

  • Perform and thrive under all conditions

  • Deliver predictably, consistently, and profitably.

Males from different cultures sitting at a table looking at and discussing something on a laptop.

We step into your business as your COO and get right to work as part of your team to help you scale.

Silhouette of three people standing by bright windows in the background with a desk covered in business materials, reports, and a glass of water on the side.

Counseling, Partnering, Mentoring, and Coaching for the COO-leader, new, or overloaded COO, and boards with operational challenges.

Group of people with laptops sharing a table working together.

We pull together a joint team, lay out a plan, and get to work.

Our services are delivered in a number of ways including:

We might not be what you need.

Together, if we find that you need finance expertise, project management, sales, executive development, long-term coaching, or even straight-up solutions development, Entinex has deep relationships with the best in their fields.

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